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hey! so im a Mellophone player in a high school marching band & im an 8th grade girl thats "marching up" i play French Horn & thats why i played Mellophone but next year i really would like to join the drumline. maybe the quads since both of ours are leaving(their seniors)? we're going to Macy's this year & i know that i have to stick with mellophone for that but i'd really like, starting next year, to play french horn in concert band & then play in the drumline in marching band. thoughts?

That’s not an uncommon thing to do! I’d do it. I wanted to learn brass in high school back when I was a drummer but my band instructor never had time to teach me. I’d say go for it. Just make sure you’re in shape and have a good technique before you go for it, quads take a toll on your back and it’s not necessarily harder but it just reads a little different than snare since it’s between different drums. 

So this weekend was a whole lot of band. On Saturday, we had to leave at like 4 in the morning to go down to Columbus to watch our team lose 66-0 to Ohio State. But I guess it was cool playing in a Skull Session and just being in the Horseshoe in general. I don’t know. I’m not from Ohio, so it kind of meant a little less to me than most of the other people in band. Anyway, it was an interesting experience for sure.

Then Sunday I drove up to Michigan for the Legends banquet. It was really nice seeing all of my friends again, even though it’s only been like a month or so. There’s so much hype about next year, I love it. They said that usually around this time they only get a few member interest forms sent to them but this year they’ve already received about 140 and are receiving more and more every day. That’s fantastic! Legends could be a full corps next year! Not only would that make it a special year, but it will also be Legends’ 10th year. There is talk of doing a huge fundraiser for new uniforms. I would so be down for that. And we’re also doing auditions in November and December and making decisions early so we can get more done this year, as well as just picking up where we left off. I’m so excited. Only 9 weeks until auditions.

I encourage all of you to go out for Legends. You CAN do it, the first and most important step is just showing up to the camps and showing them you wanna work real hard. If any of you have any questions about Legends, please don’t hesitate to ask me, and I also encourage that you fill out a member interest form on their website (, you can get even more information about the corps from them!


Hey guys!

So I’m doing a new thing to raise money for tour fees this year. 

I will draw you for $5.

I will totally send it to you, but if you live super far, I might charge only a few extra cents or a dollar for tax.

Here’s the deal: I can draw you playing any instrument, in any uniform. Send me a picture or two. Whether it be your high school, college, or drum corps uniform, even Marine Corps, anything you want! Or even if you’re aspiring to be in drum corps, tell me which corps (and which year if you want a certain uniform), send me a photo of yourself, and I can draw you in that uniform too! I generally just draw things in black and white in pencil but I can do color if you request it. Just describe to me how you want to be drawn!

This is actually a sketch I drew of Sam before the season, we were wondering what she might look like in her uniform. It actually wasn’t too far off! It kind of looked like a euphonium by mistake instead of a baritone, but it ended up being more accurate because she had to play euph instead of bari anyway this summer.



For $8, I will draw you and then digitize it in Photoshop.

I have done this before. It’s a little extra work, but it looks pretty cool. 


I can also draw other things for you if you desire. 


Help me pay for my tour fees this summer! :D

Inbox me if you want a drawing!